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Money is donated because they support our views.

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Every politician fervently asserts that Political Donations have no influence on their policy decisions.

We present the money facts so that you can make up your own mind - follow the money click Donors

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Entitlements -always within the rules

1 Tony Abbott MP the Australian Prime Minister a Member of the Australian House of Representatives, representing Warringah for the Liberal Party, and a former minister in the Howard government; (also attended Saint Ignatius' College, Riverview) and Rhodes Scholar
2 Robert Arthur Broinowski Public servant and poet Clerk of the Australian Senate (1939-1942)    
3 Sir Maurice Byers CBE QC Solicitor-General of Australia during the Australian constitutional crisis of 1975 (1973-1983)    
4 Joseph Farrar Coates MLC a Member of the New South Wales Legislative Council and a minister in the Lang and Stevens governments (1921-1943)    
5 Francis Joseph Finnan CBE MP Member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly representing Hawkesbury and Darlinghurst for Labor and later a public servant    
6 Nick Greiner AC Chairman of Infrastructure NSW; the 37th Premier of New South Wales (1988-1992); and a Member of the Legislative Assembly representing Ku-ring-gai for the Liberal Party (1980-1992)   (Also attended St. Ignatius' College, Riverview).
7 Joe Hockey MP a Member of the Australian House of Representatives, representing North Sydney for the Liberal Party since 1996 Hockey is currently the Treasurer of Australia    
8 Francis Keane a public servant and magistrate    
9 Michael L'Estrange AO a former Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade a former Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom; a former Secretary to Cabinet; and Rhodes Scholar
10 Malcolm Mackerras AO a psephologist and creator of the 'Mackerras Electoral Pendulum'; and brother of Charles (also attended Sydney Grammar School)    
11 Dick Meagher MP Larry a former Speaker, and a former Member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly representing Sydney-Phillip then Tweed and then Phillip, variously for Labor and as an independent representative between 1895 and 1917; and a former Lord Mayor of Sydney (1895-1920)   also attended St Stanislaus' College)
12 Jonathan O'Dea MP a Member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly representing Davidson for the Liberal Party from 2007 to the present   (Also attended St. Ignatius' College, Riverview).

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Arrogant Attitudes again and again

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Policy Needs desperate attention, but the Politician's are convinced that it's not super important to us.

Black Art

Networking, Alumni's, Political Parties, Interest Groups, Vested Interests, Political Lobbiest, Rich and Influential.

And we are constantly told by every politician, who had to curry friends, donations and political favours simply to get elected, that NO there is absolutly nothing going on.

Political fund-raisers, Sporting events, 1st Class plane tickets for kids, heaps of Overseas trips, Chartered flights, Family holidays (ops business meetings)