Logic, common sense, ethics, truth, fairness, reasonableness?   

Entitlements rule!        Get started

What are they thinking?

Clear, unambigious review of Entitlements? Appoint Liberal MPs and Senators, well known
(to the PM) advisors, independants! (of course not) - no, none! Oh and ensure terms of refrence include for the 1st time the PM's political fund raising functions!

Contemptious ex PM

Consistant attitudes and behaviours that confirmed (at least in this voters mind) that you firmly believe that you are ENTITLED to use all available avenues which will profit you.

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Ex Prime Minister Abbott

We Simply

Did not trust your
Self serving Review

No Independants

Old Boys Network

Terms of Refrence Slanted

PM Turnbull flicks Hockey to New York

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Book launches, Party Fund Raisers, PolliePedal, Cycling events, and traipsing around looking for photo opportunities
(which only confirm how self centred you are)

all confirming that you had scant regard for the good of the public.

Now the new kid on the block

PM Turnbull proves expediency is the rule

Magnanimous bullshit for a dud ex Treasurer

Rewards gross incompetence with post as Ambassador to New York

Anthing to get the job

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